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Hosiery terms

Denier - it gives a scale for heaviness and thickness of fibers in the hosiery products. The higher the denier, the thicker the fiber. The lower the denier number the sheerer the garment. Stockings and tights knitted with a higher denier tend to be less sheer but more durable.

Ultra Sheer - A fine denier fiber which gives the ultimate in sheerness to the hosiery. Also called Bare-look, these sheer hosiery products are extra light and give you the bare look. Usually less than 20 Denier. Ideal for summer time.

Opaque Stockings or Tights- made of heavier yarns(usually 40 denier or greater) that give them a thicker and less transparent appearance. These stockings and tights are usually worn in winter but also great for everyday.

Anklets - Hosiery with a top designed to cover the ankle bone and extending less than one-third of the way up the largest part of the calf.

Gussett - A term that means crotch panel in pantyhose. The "gussett" can be all nylon, or can be cotton/nylon. It can be any shape from diamond to full back panel, but always means there is an extra piece sewn in at the crotch area.

Control Top - Pantyhose with panties that were specially knitted with stronger yarns to visually correct certain areas: slim the tummy area, or to push up bottom

Elastane - is a term for a man-made stretch fiber, which is better known under trade name Lycra (DuPont's trademark) Elastane fibers can be stretched from four to seven times their length, reverting to their original length.

Fishnet - a material with an open, diamond shaped knit; open knit resembles a fish net. Diamond shaped holes can be extra small, medium and large. It also comes in fishnet woven patterns, when Fishnet pattern is woven on a regular knitted pantyhose, to create an interesting look

Stockings - two pieces of close-fitting hosiery that cover legs from feet to the upper legs and are held in place by suspender belt.

Stay-Up Stockings - Stockings that are held up by sewn-in elasticated bands on the lace, you don't need suspender belt to hold them in place.

Support - Hosiery that is specially knitted to provide support action in some critical parts like tummy, bottom, hips; or along the whole leg; or both.

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